2 days and a wake up until the big day! Of course I’m doing this countdown and she will probably have to sleep over night and not arrive until the day after. Boys didn’t do too bad in the pool today my yelling at them was minimal. Ollie of course fell asleep again. Ophion talked […]

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3 days and a wake up until my mom and cousin Bee come to visit. They were recently added to the quarantine list. Meaning if they are coming from certain states they have to quarantine for 14 days. The kids were getting into it in the pool yet again. There was even blood shed. Nothing […]

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I’m going to piggyback off of yeterdays post. I tried to have a conversation with Ophion today and asked him why he feels as he does in regards to people who are LGBTQIA. I got a better understanding on his side of it, its not just people in the LGBTQIA community, he feels that way […]

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Not much to note today There is a series on Netflix I can’t wait to binge. Its about people with Autism and love. Its something I always wondered about with my oldest Ophion (my autism tour guide). He is so against it now but I don’t know if thats his age or what. Another thing […]

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Better than I expected but still down. Will try again tomorrow. Maybe I can force it to the back of my mind for a few days while I get the house done then collapse into darkness. I did manage to take the kids in the pool today but it didn’t last long before the fighting […]

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165…I’ve figured it out

I’ve figured it out. The last couple weeks or so I’ve had all the signs that are typical for me, loss of interest, change in sleeping patterns, zoning out, irritability, suicidal thoughts, fatigue, feeling worthless etc. Then today it hit me full on. Depression is such a miserable bitch. I’ve already cried twice today and […]

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Today I didn’t feel the greatest, just an over all feeling of blah. So I didn’t take the boys in the pool. Ill make up for it tomorrow though. I talked to MML today. We were on the video chat for over 2 hours. I hate hearing such sadness and pain in her voice. She […]

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Yesterday was a do nothing kind of day. It flew by before I knew what happened. I took the kids in the pool but it thundered a bit and we had to get out. My hand still hurts and I’m getting frustrated doing everything one handed TRYING to do everything one handed. I have a […]

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Ollie had a follow up for his eyes today he did great and his vision is 20/15, which is better than 20/20. The eye drops are now only as needed instead of multiple times daily. Ophion hasn’t gone near my father in law all day. He’s still worried about their fight from yesterday. Oliver has […]

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161 and the verdict is…..

Bare with me as I am typing this up on the mobile app using one hand… Went to the dr today for the pain in my thumb/wrist today as it feels broken. Now I know it’s not broken because there has been no trauma to it but it feels broken. Pain ranges from a 3 […]

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