Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. I will return to writing soon. Nothing much has been going on. ♡ Until next time

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We have a group chat going on snapchat with all the cousins. well most of the cousins. There is over 20 something of us in the chat. My nieces don’t really know the family so its a way to know everyone and be involved in the family. I get my abilify injection tomorrow so Ollie […]

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Happy 14th birthday to Ophion!! Too tired to update will try again tomorrow. Until next time

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Youtube has been glitching tonight which has been upsetting for Ophion. He has expressed his displeasure several times. He hasn’t been sleeping well so he has been an extra moody teenager lately. Luckily his birthday is Friday so he should be excited for that and have reason to snap out of his funk. Ollie made […]

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Handyman came to fix the leak in the roof/busted chimney yesterday and today. That was a quick $950 out the door. Hopefully the leak is fixed now. Guess I’ll find out tomorrow when the rain starts. Went to Barnes and Noble tonight looking for some tarot decks but none spoke to me. I almost caved […]

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Went grocery shopping today. I plan on starting my diet and everything tomorrow. I decided on the paleo diet. Cutting out sugar and back on carbs was a big deciding factor. When I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic a few years ago I thought sugar was the only thing I needed to watch. […]

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Yesterday I sliced my hand on a knife….twice! While trying to do dishes. It doesn’t look too bad but it hurts like a bitch. Its very sensitive to the hot water as I realized today when I tried washing dishes again. So with my t2 diabetes I’ve been trying to watch my sugar when I […]

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We have a leak in the ceiling above the laundry room, so we had a guy check it out today. Turns out its the chimney falling apart. Who knows what the repair on that is gonna be. This guy says he can handle it but he’s just a handy man I don’t think he’s a […]

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Nothing has happened in the few days its been since I last posted. This election has kept me on the edge of my seat. Its quite the nail biter and I don’t know that I won’t pass out at any moment from an adrenaline rush. Thats all I have for now. Until next time.

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