Ok so there are these groups on facebook for gifting people in your area with booze. It’s called ‘sisterhood of the traveling spirits’ or ‘sisterhood of the traveling booze’ for those of us in central New Jersey. The idea here is to anonymously “sprinkle” people with a gift to brighten their day and if you […]

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It’s been a while again. Life just getting in the way. This morning I received an email from Opals vet reminding us that she is due for her rabies vaccine and a bunch of other one. So I once again emailed them to tell them she was no longer among the living and to please […]

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Its been a while since Ive made a post. Been keeping busy but taking it easy. If that makes sense. So let’s go for the highlights. Ollie has about a month of online schooling left which I cant wait to finish. I’m so over google classroom. Ophion hasnt done school in a month but that […]

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