Ally is doing well. She’s home and resting. This horrible situation was brought on by a breakup. Hopefully she sees a brighter side to everything Tomorrow i finally have my appointment for my abilify injection….only 2 weeks late. I think the place i go through for everything like therapy, med management, etc… is great with […]

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Trigger warning: mentions of attempted suicide My little cousin attempted suicide last night. I dont know the whole story or timeline or anything but what I know is she tried. So beautiful so young so much to live for. So sad. Apparently when my uncle went to go pick her up to take her to […]

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Ok so Saturday he pulled an all-nighter drinking, Sunday he was home, Monday he worked,, Tuesday he went golfing….he drank…we took the kids to get their 2nd covid shot and talked while we waited and I told him I dont want him to drink that night at bowling….we get to bowling and he asks if […]

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Still beyond mad. He thought it was a bright idea to drink again today. Idk how this is gonna end but it may get ugly. Until next time

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Not in the best place. Oliver decided on Saturday to pull one of his all night benders and didn’t get home until 4am. Which meant a long conversation but I did it over text because I refused to let him see my cry. His actions are causing me issues mentally and now I have to […]

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Ugh. Where to start?!? Friday I felt pretty good and decided, since good days aren’t very often, it would be cleaning day. First I redid my whole pantry checking dates, semi-organizing, throwing out open/stale things etc…..I filled 4 garbage bags (2 of which were open bags of chips) from my pantry alone and its still […]

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Today I broke a bit. I spent 80% of group therapy crying. 1/2 of one on one was spent crying as well. Im just so frustrated with not being able to concentrate. I always have a bad memory but im blanking out on full conversations. My therapist told me to go a few days of […]

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I wish I could tell you what we’ve been doing in group therapy this week but I literally have no idea. I’ve even participated according to my notes but have no clue when, how, or what has been discussed. ADHD brain is serious right now. For the last week I haven’t been able to focus […]

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TMI WARNING: SEX TALK So what is up with men’s style of communicating that they want sex….ok maybe thats unfair, what is up with my man’s communication style in asking for sex?!? He usually just randomly looks at me and either says “wanna do it?” Or “I’m horny” or yesterday’s “favorite” sending me a GIF […]

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