I’m pretty sure opal has cancer and I’m an absolute wreck. Shes not eating still and I noticed some swelling and hard lumps where they shouldnt be. She has fatty tumors already so I know these are different. God this sucks I got my shot today. They had the seating separated and had you fill […]

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Blog post 122

Tomorrow I have my appointment to get my shot of abilify. I hope she doesnt cancel it cuz I need that medicine. I also need my wellbutrin XL but I havent been taking that like I should and my moods lately are screaming that it’s obvious. I feel a depression coming but with hubby having […]

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Blog post 121

So the hubby keeps getting panic attacks and the only trigger I can think of is the confinement. I may make him take me to a store or drive around a bit just to get him out of the house. I would say a walk but the weather is not permitting. Kids are handling the […]

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Blog post 120!!!

Wow I’ve officially hit 120 blog posts. That’s a big milestone for me even though my posts are sporadic. Today was the last day of doing schoolwork one way for Ollie, after I finally got the hang of it. Come monday the teachers are introducing a whole new way to do homework I guess. We […]

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Blog post 119

My beautiful girl had to go to the vet this morning for her eye. Glad to report it isnt scratched, sad to report she has conjunctivitis. Drops 3x a day for a week or so and hope it clears up. Homeschooling based off the schools requirements is driving me a bit batty…I have to go […]

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Blog post 118

Opal hurt her eye somehow so we are off to the vet in the a.m. Yesterday FIL was back in the hospital due to bad edema, it was leaking out of his leg! Hes home now and on a new med to help flush it out. Not feeling the greatest so I’m off to bed. […]

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Stay in your home order

Our govenor has officially shut us down. Aside from the 8PM curfew already in place, we now are only permitted to leave for necessity. Below I will copy and paste the order. Governor Phil Murphy today signed Executive Order No. 107, directing all residents to stay at home until further notice. The order, effective at […]

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Homeschool x 2

Blog post 115 With this pandemic going on Ollie has started what his school is calling distance learning. Its homeschooling based on the teachers guidelines done online. They dont really give them any guidance they just have to choose a few boxes from a few boards each day. 3 from the main weekly board, 3 […]

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Dishes and laundry galore

Blog post 114 With my FIL still in the hospital I’ve been using the dishwasher and washer and dryer a shit ton. I’ve finally caught up on the dishes. Now I just need to catch up on the laundry. I spoke to mommy and she still plans on coming in a few weeks!! Travel plans […]

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