Blog post 122

Tomorrow I have my appointment to get my shot of abilify. I hope she doesnt cancel it cuz I need that medicine. I also need my wellbutrin XL but I havent been taking that like I should and my moods lately are screaming that it’s obvious. I feel a depression coming but with hubby having panic attacks itll be impossible for both of us to be down and out so I’m trying to hide what’s going on with me. Luckily he doesnt read these.

Spoke to mommy again tonight….that’s three times this week. That’s a record!! We never get to talk this much usually. Hopefully we keep making it a regular thing to reach out cuz I miss her horribly.

With mommy not coming this easter I have to figure out what to do with her giant box of chocolate we got for her. Its like 1ft x 1.5ft if not bigger.

Uh oh phones about to die and I gotta get up early….

Until next time

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