sunflowers and adult beverages

so I have become obsessed with Shannon Purser’s song “Sunflower” from the movie sierra burgess is a loser. It is constantly playing on a loop on youtube, it’s my notification ringtone since that goes off the most and I get to hear the song play. anyway, today is Monday and Oliver is bowling tonight. For […]

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Dark day 

Last night I went dark and I’m still feeling the effects of it today….I however have a truckload of chores to do. I’m hoping I can push the darkness aside and power through but I’m not sure.  As for the chores, I already have a load of laundry in the washer, a load of dishes […]

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any CBD users out there?

I’ve recently started to use CBD to help with my anxiety and sleeping at night, and I am trying to work out dosage.  Given that all medication I have ever taken since I was a kid needs to be doubled for me because I have a resistant body, how much should a normal dose be […]

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A day of rest

Today we had a day of rest. We went to the store to grab a few things but other than that we lounged around all day enjoying the lack of running around we needed to do.  Tomorrow however I have to get back to reality. Laundry needs done, dishes need done, and showers need done. […]

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nothing new….

nothing new to report today. tv, cooking, cleaned a little, played chess with the boys, wizards chess to be exact…. pretty much it. tomorrow will be a repeat since we are expected to get bad weather. oliver will be home so instead of tv i’ll prep stuff for the week on the group. well that’s […]

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Lots of changes

So I have determined my word for the year, sort of. its more like a phrase to go by. it’s “GO FOR IT!” I’ve lived my life pretty much by the book my whole life. yea I did some things I shouldn’t have but I for the most part lived a straight path. I was […]

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Melatonin and a dog. 

I had to start melatonin as I’ve been waking so much at night. I was worried because Opal likes to use the bathroom even at night and I was worried I’d be to knocked out to hear her signal. Luckily we have had no issues.  My necklace came in today from wish but it’s the […]

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Grocery store anxiety

Today we had a major issue with the bus for Ollie’s school.  We always get to the bus stop in time to see the bus way down the street at other stops, which gives us a good 5 minutes at least before our stop. Today we got there and waited….when we hadn’t seen it down […]

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hiatus, diabetes and witchcraft

I took a short hiatus from blogging while I worked on the new facebook stuff. between building a following on the pseudonym page and trying to build up the group and living life with the family, I’ve been pretty booked. i’m going to try to work on here more though and find a way to […]

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