not to shabby

we went to Carl* and Ellie’s* house yesterday as per usual on Thursday nights now. we hung out and talked and played with the puppies dug* and kevin*. I’m still in that shy, are they judging me, they are gonna get tired of me soon stage of the friendship but there is something about them […]

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trying this again

I was halfway through with a post when it vanished….not even speeding off into the draft folder after being auto saved!! so I will again try to post as much of the content as I can remember. originally I planned on filling you all in on what had been missed in my hiatus but I […]

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Lets do this!!

Hello out there to all in the word press universe!! For those who are just joining or for those that haven’t read in a while, I’m Ophelia Jones, Im a bipolar2, ADHD, PTSD, Anxiety suffering sexual abuse survivor. I’ve been with and married to my soulmate Oliver, whom is a recovering alcoholic for going on […]

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