Depression and anxiety are attacking my mind simultaneously. It sucks Until next time

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Went to the bowling alley tonight….it was fine. Beyond exhausted so I’m heading to bed. Happy international women’s day Until next time

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Went into the world today for the first time in over 10 days since I was cleared for public contact again. Still out of breath when I’m active but better. Still no taste or smell well, not no taste, I can taste a little if it has a very strong flavor. Nothing much else to […]

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Headache…..but overall doing well. Gonna rest before my brother’s stream on twitch. Until next time

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Chest pain tonight. feel it in my back. Gonna rest. Until next time

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Hubby picked up my glasses today…..its so weird and everything is sort of distorted….like I’m looking through a fishbowl. Im not use to them but hopefully will be soon. Breathing is a little better today but im still run down. Other than that I think I’m out of the woods. Ollie is going to be […]

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271 umpteenth covid update

Ollie is stuffy and thats about it. Ophion wasn’t tested but was sick but he’s feeling better, my FIL is feeling better Oliver is just dealing with anxiety symptoms and im still miserable. Well I cant say miserable but shifty. My breathing is better than the other day when I went to the hospital but […]

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