Inhaler isn’t doing its job. Switching to nebulizer today to see how it does. Until next time

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Having some health issues….possibly adult onset asthma? But its not fun Trying to sleep but the lack of air i’m receiving is hindering that plan. I dont wanna go to the ER so hopefully this resolves itself fast. Three days is long enough! Not to mention all the yawning this is causing is insane I […]

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Pych upped my lamictal today kept my other meds the same hopefully we get quick results. The fuckening is approaching. Off to sleep so I can say I made it through another day. Until next time

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Wow this is my 350th post! Its been almost a month since my last entry. Im losing interest in things again…I feel a breakdown on the horizon or at the very least a bad depression creeping in. So many contributing factors. My anxiety is getting the best of me lately. Anytime I leave the house […]

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