Been a while since I posted and honestly thats because nothing worth writing about has taken place. Just mundane day to day stuff that no one is interested in. Its almost Christmas and the kids had a $ limit this year. One opted for strictly cash and the other got most of it in a […]

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Blood sugar number is pretty high tonight….over 400, probably should call the dr but Im going to sleep it off instead. Well try to….feels like acid is in my stomach right now just burning away. Went to the grocery store with Oliver and the work wife. He had to give her a ride home and […]

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I’ve been supporting one of my younger brothers lately on his twitch streams. He plays different video games. He just finished lego harry potter last night. The next one he’s going to do i believe is lego marvel avengers? I wonder how many streams it will take for him to finish the game. Thanksgiving went […]

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