I’ve been supporting one of my younger brothers lately on his twitch streams. He plays different video games. He just finished lego harry potter last night. The next one he’s going to do i believe is lego marvel avengers? I wonder how many streams it will take for him to finish the game.

Thanksgiving went well. We had just the household so we didn’t worry about dressing up and we went comfy.

Ophion has over 600$ saved up and decided he wants to buy a ps4 so he can play minecraft without fighting with Ollie for the ps4 we already have.

Oliver is a Rockstar at his job and gets along well with everyone. He even has an awesome work wife.

I’ve been down for the count since Thanksgiving my body was wrecking me.

I think I’m going to get the Samsung watch I’ve been looking at for Christmas….Oliver will probably go nuts considering its like 300$ but with a 500$ limit i think its a good gift to choose.

Ollie wants the ps5 but they are sold out till at least January. So he will have to wait a bit.

Oliver wants new golf clubs, like always. Hopefully he can find a decent set.

I’m starting to fall asleep so I’m off to dreamland.

Until next time.

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