Oliver definitely drank but he wasn’t too bad. There was quite some drama at the tournament and the best friend who is staying with us drove them to the tournament then proceeded to lose his keys so they had to Uber home. Friend was too drunk to stay at our house so he went to […]

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289….trouble brewing

So its memorial day weekend and one of Oliver’s best friends is staying for the weekend. I fear a lot of drinking is going to take place and I am going to be miserable and hit a very dark patch of time. Welp that all for now. Until next time

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New diagnosis…. metabolic syndrome….aka insulin resistant. Upped the meds again. Last time we lowered my slow acting insulin to 20units, we raised back up to 26 or 28 units once a day. I have it written down at home. And raised my fast acting to 10 units 3x a day. His goal is to get […]

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Had a virtual appointment with my psych today, she put in a request for my therapist to reach out to me immediately. The earliest she can reach out to me is June 15th. So it should be interesting from now til then. Between the dreams and movie like day dreams and anxiety etc….just hoping the […]

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Still feeling the effects of my dream. So fucked up. Been trying to get stuff done around the house but it hasn’t been going well. Update on my insulin….6 units is definitely not enough. My blood sugar went up over 400 after insulin and breakfast today. Gonna talk to the dr Thursday and see what […]

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Finally was able to pick up my new fast acting insulin today and get that started. My dr started me on 6 units before meals, and 2 hours after eating steak and shrimp for dinner with a donut for dessert, my sugar was 296. So 6 units may not be enough but we will see […]

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Ok so my neuropathy has been flaring badly and I made a call to the dr. He took me off some meds and added some on. Im now on fast acting insulin at all meal times and slow acting once daily, he added gabapentin for the neuropathy but im very anxious about taking it for […]

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I’m in an alanon meeting right now and the topic for tonight’s meeting is commitment and I realize I have a problem with commitment. I always throw myself into everything full force and then give up after a short time….look how rarely I post here anymore. Anyways, I find it funny that the only thing […]

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