Somewhat ok

I’m somewhat recovered from the rollercoaster. Its definitely not easy. I’ve forgotten my meds the past few nights which doesnt bode well for my housework as no meds = no motivation. I was supposed to clean so my in laws could come over today but that didnt happen. They picked me up to do a […]

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Quick question for my lovelies

Old readers may remember, new readers may need to read so many emotions and wishful thinking To understand the backstory….anyway Arial* and I have been keeping in random contact since her grandma was sick (who by the way is home and doing much better)  she is getting a dog and it has a possible sordid history.  She is looking […]

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holy emotional rollercoaster

The last 48hrs or so have been such an emotional rollercoaster for me, the issue with my grandparents yesterday, then that brought up memories of my sexual abuse, then I was given information pertaining to the blank spaces In my memory. I was told about my “original” abuser, which would bring the number of abusers […]

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my Opal baby

My Opal baby is struggling with, what I believe to be, arthritis. She has been struggling to get up after resting and walking is getting to be a challenge at first. once she is up and moving for a bit she seems ok but getting to that point is rough right now. It kills me […]

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One in one still out

Todays daily tarot seem odd to me….. my energy for the day was Ace of wands, and my gratitutde for the day was the Death card. I’m still trying to work them out because I’m so new to the tarot aspect of everything. I keep having dreams that I am pregnant….three days in a row. […]

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A small glimpse at the disaster

So for those of you lovely readers who are new, I am Ophelia Jones* 31, and I suffer from many things…mentally I have bipolar 2, generalized and social anxiety disorders, PTSD, ADHD, depression and the dr said possibly borderline personality disorder, we are looking into it.  So all of these things have made the day […]

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Cleaning spree and mood swings

So today was the first time in months I managed to actually clean the house. I got my room, the boys room and the bathroom done.  Tomorrow I tackle the living room, dining room, kitchen, and my desk/vanity area. I should’ve taken before pictures to show how out of hand it was with the depression […]

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Oh my Goddess Danu!

This sickness that hit my house is attempting a 3rd freaking run through!!!! Looks like I will be disinfecting everything I can!  No matter how long it takes! Lots of tea and honey will be consumed today as I already feel my throat starting to hurt again.   I’m gonna have to lock Opal in […]

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