Ok….its been a bit I think since I actually wrote and I wish I knew what I was going to write about so let’s start recently and work our way back i guess. Ollie almost got kicked out of class already. Supposedly he laughed at something and the teacher said she was gonna kick him […]

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Quick post before DBT… anniversary with the Mr. Was yesterday….can’t believe we have been together 16 years. We did a little shopping i got a few clothes and a double griddle pan, he got shoes, Ollie got school shoes, ophian didnt come with us and we didn’t know what to get him but he wasn’t […]

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Lots of flooding in my state and area due to the remnants of Ida passing through. We got a notification around 10 or 11 last night that our police station had to be evacuated due to flooding, and if they were needed, to just call 911. All the schools were originally going to have a […]

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