Ok….its been a bit I think since I actually wrote and I wish I knew what I was going to write about so let’s start recently and work our way back i guess.

Ollie almost got kicked out of class already. Supposedly he laughed at something and the teacher said she was gonna kick him out so he started walking out of class. I just know he’s gonna get in trouble this year he has too much attitude.

We were invited to a bar mitzvah in December. I’m rusty on all the practices so I had to ask my step mom for advice, traditions etc… Oliver doesn’t want to go to the service…hes not the type to handle that but im going tontry to convince him.

We got to visit with an old friend last night. He was visiting from Vegas with his gf so we all went out to dinner. He just got back together with this girl so he’s walking on eggshells and definitely not acting like himself but it was a decent night anyway.

I’m still attending 9 therapies a week. 5 morning groups 2 afternoon groups and 2 individuals. I think its helping…im not retaining a lot of info due to the clusterfuck I call a brain but im trying at least. Its confusing because each day of the week is a certain aspect of dbt and they repeat each week. Like Mondays are for mindfulness so every Monday we are doing mindfulness but im forgetting it the next day because we are covering a different topic on Tuesdays and Wednesdays are different and Thursdays etc…and sometimes they don’t follow the modules and due something completely different in that category. So let’s say Monday 1 we are talking about topic X, the following Monday we pick up on topic X and continue where we left off, but then on Monday 3 we are talking about topic Y. Then Monday 4 we are back to topic X.

One on one therapy has been more about Olivers drinking and how im trying to handle it which is what I use to do. I always focus on him and not myself. I feel like tomorrow for one on one I need to bring it back to me and stop bringing him up so much. I just don’t know how to talk about me. I dont hold conversation well so I usually let my therapist lead and guide where the conversation flows. Tomorrow in group I should really try to focus so we can talk about that at least.

I am overwhelmed with paperwork right now. All my state aid stuff came at once insurance and SNAP. So I have to gather all the required documentation and double it cuz they usually ask for the same stuff. I need to get it all turned in by like next week. Idk how im gonna do that plus I need to get my doctor to fill out papers and idk that he will so thats giving me massive anxiety. I procrastinated myself into a panic.

Ok thats where i’ll leave it for now

Until next time

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