I cant believe this debate. It made me physically sick. I’m going to bed cuz I can’t deal with the stupidity and the fucking audacity. Proud boys?!?! STFU!!! Until next time

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Another short one tonight. Reached out to MML today, didn’t get much in response. I think her mental health is struggling lately. I wish I could make everything better for her. “Lord” knows she deserves it. Mommy called tonight. She’s off Wednesday so hopefully we will talk more then. So I’ve watched the show on […]

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Super short update tonight. Went to work with Oliver today….feeling a bit sore but nothing too brutal. Ollie has no school for Yom Kippur but i’m making Ophion do it to make up for a Friday we missed recently. Missing family more than normal i’ll have to reach out to them tomorrow. Small photo dump […]

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Ugh math! I hate it! Its not even that its hard math its easy math but for someone who doesn’t know how to multiply in their head and doesn’t know their multiplication facts…its a pain in the ass. We are doing square roots and such. If u give me the number 9² I can tell […]

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We took the kids to Barnes and Noble today so they could get a special treat that they haven’t had in a very long time….blondie blasts from the cafe! There are plenty of recipes online to make them but I am not the baking type. I’ve reached a chapter in English with Ophion that I […]

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Made some calls yesterday and hopefully everything I’ve been anxious about with insurance and SNAP will be taken care of Monday at the latest. School with Ollie is still going well although I’m struggling a bit with Ophions work. When it comes to certain English things and certain math things im lacking the knowledge to […]

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205 story time

It begins with a simple scroll down my newsfeed on facebook. Person A is my (maternal side) cousins gf/”baby mama”. Person B is my (paternal side) sister in law. After seeing these posts posted at the same time and knowing they all live in the same little town and their kids are the same age….I […]

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Tomorrow we will have a ‘its a small world after all’ story time. Tonight I won’t be updating you or telling the story because I am being attacked by my own body. My pain tolerance has really gone to total shit. This neuropathy is kicking my ass and it is starting to travel up my […]

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With Oliver deciding to bowl, I decided we (Ollie and I) would accompany him so I could make sure everything was as socially distanced as possible…..it wasn’t… but Oliver did a good job of avoiding the crowd whenever possible. Oliver only lasted 2 games before his wrist was in too much pain to continue, so […]

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202, light therapy?

Well I tried the light for the light therapy. No improvement but Im not giving up yet. I get my abilify injection on Monday so hopefully that helps a bit. We went to the grocery store today with a weekly budget this week of 200$ the total came to $198.94!! I was stoked cuz we […]

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