205 story time

It begins with a simple scroll down my newsfeed on facebook.

Person A is my (maternal side) cousins gf/”baby mama”. Person B is my (paternal side) sister in law.

After seeing these posts posted at the same time and knowing they all live in the same little town and their kids are the same age….I decided to ask person B if _____insert name here___ was the name of the student whose mom was cursing. She asked why and I explained to her the posts being posted at the same time,living in the same town and kids being the same age etc… then she admitted that yes, in fact ______________ was the students name. We then discussed how small of a world it is that my (2nd) cousin from my moms side and my nephew from my father’s side are in the same class.

I won’t tell person A about that because I don’t want to embarrass her that I know she lost her cool with her children live for all the kids, parents, and teacher to hear but hopefully she gets herself together and doesn’t have a repeat.

In other news, I’m looking for remedies for my neuropathy pain. It started around 630 tonight which is way earlier than it normally starts. Probably because Ollie and I went to work with Oliver today and I wore horrible shoes for standing all day. I’ve read that there is a cream called capzasin, which is made from the part of peppers known as capsaicin, that is supposed to work for it but at the same time has side effects that are just as bad as the neuropathy. So I don’t think its worth it.

I get my abilify shot tomorrow from my favorite nurse, I’ll ask her opinion tomorrow, she usually steers me in the right direction.

In other other news…. I’ve been informed of a product I must buy immediately, if not sooner. Reese’s peanut butter sauce!!! Its a pourable peanut butter!!! No heating required! A friend of ours pours it over his icecream and it looks phenomenal!

Ollie has to miss a little bit of school tomorrow while I get my shot because my father in law won’t be home to watch him while I run to the health care facility real quick.

Well thats it for today. I need to shower and loosen all these sore muscles a bit and see if the water helps my feet like it did last night.

Until next time

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