Made some calls yesterday and hopefully everything I’ve been anxious about with insurance and SNAP will be taken care of Monday at the latest.

School with Ollie is still going well although I’m struggling a bit with Ophions work. When it comes to certain English things and certain math things im lacking the knowledge to help much so we end up skipping it which doesn’t do him any good. Its only been a couple english and math but still.

I dont have much to share beyond those two things.

Light therapy hasn’t really worked yet but my nurse wants me to keep trying. She also wants me to start with vitamin E oil since she said my skin is still way to dry and recovering from my sunburn at the beginning of summer. I also asked her what I can do for the neuropathy but she said I need a Rx for that.

The other day i wrote about my cousins gf (well technically ex gf but not) and how she lost her cool with the kids…. well I’ve been seeing more and more on Facebook from her that makes me realize we aren’t as close as I thought we were. She isn’t who she claims to be. She portrays many different sides to many different people. On fb she claims to be this struggling single mom who has no help from anyone, yet anytime you contact her my cousin is there helping with his kids or her grandma is there to help. She is literally never alone. She takes a lot of digs at the family on fb with her posts. She constantly contradicts herself. I feel like I lost a great friend.

Ok enough of that. Its time to wake everyone up and start the day.

Until next time

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