202, light therapy?

Well I tried the light for the light therapy. No improvement but Im not giving up yet. I get my abilify injection on Monday so hopefully that helps a bit.

We went to the grocery store today with a weekly budget this week of 200$ the total came to $198.94!! I was stoked cuz we usually go over budget.

After the store we witnessed nature in action. We have a family of hawks that live behind us and either mama or papa swooped down in the neighbors yard and snatched a squirrel lets say squirrel A. It was more sad than normal because squirrel A was playing with squirrel B and when the hawk snatched squirrel A, squirrel B tried to defend it. I think a bird met a similar fate in our yard because when I took the garbage out I noticed a TON of feathers in close proximity to each other.

We got an email from the school tonight. Apparently there was an incident with one of the classes. A person not affiliated with the middle school in any capacity gained access to one of the Google meet classrooms and caused a large disturbance, forcing the teacher to quickly get the kids out of that class and get them to enter a new one.

Tomorrow is a cleaning day…hopefully. I’ve had no urge.

Oliver decided hes going to start bowling league again. Dumbass. I hate that he’s going to start this and risk everyone’s health after such a great streak. Its one of the reasons I’m not letting ollie bowl his league yet.

I’ve been fighting with Oliver when he is home during virtual learning time for ollie because he keeps distracting him. Like I get it you’ve had your little best friend home with u all this time that its hard that his attention has to be focused on something else and you need to find a way to entertain yourself, but come on for the love of all things leave him the fuck alone when he is in class!!

Alright its about time for me to attempt sleep. This neuropathy shit is for the birds.

Until next time

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