We took the kids to Barnes and Noble today so they could get a special treat that they haven’t had in a very long time….blondie blasts from the cafe! There are plenty of recipes online to make them but I am not the baking type.

I’ve reached a chapter in English with Ophion that I am useless with so I need to do some research tomorrow so I can try to learn it so I can teach him. I’m disappointed in the curriculum I bought this year because it gives virtually no explanation on the topics. It just says really quickly “this is what it is, now here you go, do this page”

My soul was crushed today. I’ve been really trying to avoid junk food but was really craving something nice and fruity I figured applesauce would be ok but nooooo too much sugar. Then I REALLY REALLY REALLY decided on a freeze pop….lime of course….the best…..open it up get ready to taste it then decide to check the sugar content first…. 19g in 1 freeze pop!! So I check my sugar just to see if I can have it and be ok…..340!! UGH!! I COULD’VE CRIED!!!

Well I gotta grab the clothes out of the dryer then head to bed.

Until next time

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