With Oliver deciding to bowl, I decided we (Ollie and I) would accompany him so I could make sure everything was as socially distanced as possible…..it wasn’t… but Oliver did a good job of avoiding the crowd whenever possible. Oliver only lasted 2 games before his wrist was in too much pain to continue, so we left early.

Today Ollie actually had a lot of homework but we got it all done pretty quick.

My anxiety has been creeping in….i have a constant fear that something bad is going to happen. If i do laundry im afraid the dryer will catch on fire, if i take a shower im afraid its going to fall through the floor, if we go somewhere we are going to crash, etc… literally everything has a worse case scenario attached to it.

Still no success with the light board but I’ll keep trying.

Its only 10:15 but I am completely drained….I’m off to bed

Until next time

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