Watching a movie with Ophion. Its called MIRACULOUS new York United heros. Its a movie before the new season of MIRACULOUS Lady bug and cat noir comes out, which is a show we watch together. I love moments like this with him. I cant believe he will be 15 this year. These moments will happen […]

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Tonight was a really bad PTSD flashback anxiety filled night. I hate that my abuser can still get to me even though he’s dead. I hate that something as innocent as a father hugging his young daughter and son can send me flipping out. I hate that I could feel my abuser near me all […]

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I’ve officially reached 100 followers on my blog. Thank you to all who follow. Even though I don’t get the views in that area I still appreciate the follows. Let’s see what we did this week….went shopping a few times. Went to top golf, went bowling a couple times. Nothing too out there considering we […]

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Blinding headache….have the brightness on my phone turned all the way down. Took Oliver’s work wife to Costco and Target tonight before taking her home. Nope….can’t update. Heads too bad. Until next time

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Went to the endo again today…..he upped my insulin to 18 units. He also banned carbs from my diet as much as possible and told me I should be drinking 8 to 10 bottles of water a day!!! Who drinks that much of anything in a day?!?! I drink maybe 2 bottles of soda a […]

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Let’s see….its been quite a while since my last post, whats happened since then? Oliver still enjoys his job. He’s full time and enjoys getting overtime because the added money makes things easier. They are pretty clueless over there though and he doesn’t get why they do things certain ways that don’t make sense. He […]

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