Let’s see….its been quite a while since my last post, whats happened since then?

Oliver still enjoys his job. He’s full time and enjoys getting overtime because the added money makes things easier. They are pretty clueless over there though and he doesn’t get why they do things certain ways that don’t make sense. He has more experience than most of the stores employees combined but it is what it is.

The kids are kinda doing the school thing. Ollie missed a couple days last week but we will make up that work this week. Ophion hasn’t really done school since before Christmas but he can go into the summer and make up any time missed easily

I’m struggling to get my health in check. I’ve been seeing an endocrinologist for my diabetes and he’s taken me off glipizide and replaced it with a newer medication and put me on a slow acting insulin injection to do daily. I was really nervous about it but its not bad at all. I’ve been extremely sleepy lately. Like one minute I’m fine the next I’m struggling to keep my eyes open.

We are still looking for a new dog. I just can’t seem to commit to the idea though. Opal was my best friend. I told her everything and cuddled her everyday. I miss her something fierce!

I cant think of much else to discuss so I’m gonna end this here.

Until next time

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