Watching a movie with Ophion. Its called MIRACULOUS new York United heros. Its a movie before the new season of MIRACULOUS Lady bug and cat noir comes out, which is a show we watch together. I love moments like this with him. I cant believe he will be 15 this year. These moments will happen less and less im guessing.

Ollie has been bowling so well lately but its making him cocky as hell. He has a tournament coming up and he swears he’s gonna win. I hope he does but at the same time I hope he doesn’t. He needs a dose of reality to knock him down a peg or two.

Oliver has been losing weight like he wants to. He’s down to the 220s and his bowling and golf swing are improving because of his added flexibility.

I on the other hand have only lost a couple lbs and have had to increase my insulin intake to 25 units daily. I’ve heard those on insulin have a harder time losing weight but I’m hoping that’s not true.

We are still looking for a new dog. Its such a hard thing to do. There is no replacement for Opal.

Well I’m getting yelped at for not paying attention so back to the movie I go.

Until next time

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