Bus drama again

Ollie had a bit of drama take place on the bus and I had to intervene. A few Kids keeps giving Ollie shit like daily on the bus like they try to gang up on him well one of the little boys wasnt there today so the other kid tried doing it all himself. He […]

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Saturday night wrestling

lets see, Saturday I didn’t do too much during the day but we went to our monthly wrestling show with a few friends that night. every month there is a local wrestling show, UWA Elite, that is usually in a church [no I don’t burst into flames when I walk in] about 10ish minutes away […]

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Went golfing again with the hubby, Mulan and Li Shang. Then went to lunch. We were supposed to go grocery shopping but didnt so this weekend I will have to get creative for meals with what I have on hand. Tomorrow we have a wrestling show to go to and I’m going to get a […]

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nothing new

nothing really new to report. we got the tires changed today thanks to my amazing mother in law then I took a nap til it was time to pick the kids up from school. now i’m sitting at the lanes. I will make another post when I have something to report until next time

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good food, friends and fun.

yesterday is a complete blur. like its a little concerning that I remember nothing from it besides what I wore. my blocking out time is getting worse if i’m losing whole days now. hopefully I remember to talk to my dr about it if I ever remember to make another appointment. [I was supposed to […]

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bad days and birthdays

after the last post, I had a few bad days.  I should have expected it given the topic I wrote about, but it did catch me off guard surprisingly.  today is an ok day so far but that could change at any moment. lets see what I did since the last post… today is Monday […]

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Nothing new

Nothing new to report today. Did some dishes…watched some movies…fought the depression monster. I fear its gonna win this round so I’m off to take my meds and head to bed. Until next time

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Habachi number 2

Today we met a couple friends for lunch and we decided on hibachi again, for the 2nd time this week. I’ll never turn down hibachi. I was upset that they didnt know how to make garlic sauce. (and the language barrier prevented a clear understanding after I tried to explain how to make it) but […]

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trying to keep this upbeat

trigger warning- sexual abuse i’m going to try to keep this as upbeat as possible but as words flow moods change. i’m a sexual abuse survivor. at least one of my victimizers I didn’t remember as I was too young…maybe 3?. it wasn’t until i had a discussion with a family member did I find […]

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