Saturday night wrestling

lets see, Saturday I didn’t do too much during the day but we went to our monthly wrestling show with a few friends that night.

every month there is a local wrestling show, UWA Elite, that is usually in a church [no I don’t burst into flames when I walk in] about 10ish minutes away from me. we always get there early so we are guaranteed front row seating. Ollie is usually the loudest there so the wrestlers interact with him a lot which is amazing and something you don’t see in big shows like WWE.  it makes us very loyal fans.

today is Mothers day and I should be cleaning but I am saying fuck it its my day im gonna spend it my way. since everywhere will be too busy tonight to go out hubby and I are gonna go out tomorrow for lunch.

I cant wait to talk about what we have planned for Ophion’s  birthday present. its a major surprise and doesn’t happen till January 2020 so we are waiting to talk about it until we figure out how we wanna tell him.

hopefully I have more to talk about soon.

until next time


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