good food, friends and fun.

yesterday is a complete blur. like its a little concerning that I remember nothing from it besides what I wore. my blocking out time is getting worse if i’m losing whole days now. hopefully I remember to talk to my dr about it if I ever remember to make another appointment. [I was supposed to start getting the abilify shot instead of the pills like a month ago and I have yet to reschedule. ]

today I took joseph to the bus stop then Oliver and I went to the golf course.

he has been trying to distract me because my depression has been trying to take over lately. We met up with Carl* and a couple I have yet to introduce on here yet, lets call them Mulan* and Li Shang*. I only rode in the cart because i’m not comfortable playing at my current weight. we had a great time albeit the Ranger was being a dick and decided to ride our asses for stupid shit; like my foot outside the golf cart and driving 90 degrees instead of cart path only. Carl and I poked fun at each other the whole time and Oliver and I were completely in sync the whole day. he was being so sweet the whole day it was nice.

after golf Oliver and I went to chilis for lunch and for the first time in my adult life I had an alcoholic beverage before 5 pm.!!! its impossible for me to go to chilis and not get the Tito’s punch {sooooo gooooood}


so after we got home we had sex, which seems normal right? except it was literally like the 12th time in the last couple days because when my depression is fighting to take over apparently I am a horn dog. I never realized it but Oliver pointed it out. I now realize as I sit here how true it is….in the past 4 days or so we have had sex 2-3 times a day, plus me taking care of him orally, then satisfying myself once or twice a night once everyone goes to bed so technically I am have some type of sexual contact at least 4-6 times a day…..holy shit those numbers seem crazy. its been so long since I remember us having sex this often. do any of you who suffer from bipolar depression have a sexual appetite like that??

anyways, tomorrow is Thursday so you all know what that means…dark day. I should get to bed so I can be somewhat mentally prepared for it.

oooo I forgot to say Olivers mom bought us new tires for the truck today, we go in the morning to get them installed. {that was 800$ we were struggling to save} On whatever scale they use to check tire treads, a 3 is considered unusable, we are a 5, out of 32. now hopefully this means this summer we can finally get down to north Carolina for vacation.

ok, now I am going to bed.

until next time


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