Bus drama again

Ollie had a bit of drama take place on the bus and I had to intervene.

A few Kids keeps giving Ollie shit like daily on the bus like they try to gang up on him well one of the little boys wasnt there today so the other kid tried doing it all himself. He took it upon him self to say shit like you got autism, you are a f*g*ot, and spit on him. Fuck that!! I had Oliver drive my ass to the kids house and I went off on the mom. No apology, nothing! All she said was I’ll talk to him I expect you’ll do the same…..no you wont tell me how to handle it….my son isnt the one using foul language and spitting on people. So I walked back to the car and before getting in I told Ollie if it happens again punch him in the fucking mouth…..he said ‘but hes taller than me’ I said then you better jump!

I always go with non violent options first but this has been an ongoing issue and we have all had enough of it.

Nothing else to report today too angry still…..6 hours later.

Until next time

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