bad days and birthdays

after the last post, I had a few bad days.  I should have expected it given the topic I wrote about, but it did catch me off guard surprisingly.  today is an ok day so far but that could change at any moment. lets see what I did since the last post…

today is Monday so that means the weekend needs to get covered. well Saturday I didn’t do much I kinda stayed in bed and let the pain of my mind just wash over me.  sunday we went to a birthday party at Carl and Ellie’s for their daughter. it was fun even though we didn’t get to stay long due to the weather and the poor conditions of our tires.  I was kinda bitched at in a way for “making us go” knowing the car shouldn’t be out in those conditions, that set off the last downward spiral I cried a bit unbeknownst to him then was in a mood the rest of the night.

today I woke up a little better and continued getting better as the day went on. my FIL made a few phone calls for us today to find the best price for us for tires and I think around 600 is the best we can do. there is a place doing 1 for the price of 3 so I think that’s our best option. hopefully we will do that this week and be able to visit my MIL this summer. I think its been 3 years since we made it down there because the truck has had so many issues going on.

as stated before today is Monday meaning its a bowling night…Mondays are hard when it comes to watching how much Oliver is drinking because they all drink and the bottles pile up before I even know it and if he sees me watching he gets mad. so I only catch every other beer or so that he has and cant see the shots he does due to the location of the bar and the way my back faces. watching would just be too obvious.

I guess that is all I have for now

until next time


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