Tarot at the lanes

Did a couple Tarot readings tonight. It was a little weird doing them in a public setting but they went well. The kids have been home sick so I haven’t had time to think let alone write.  I will hopefully get a ginormous post in this week Until next time

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So much to report

Ok so much has been going on that of course I wont remember 80% of it. I dont have time to type it up now cuz I gotta get the little one to the bus but soon I will give a major update…but I will say I’ve figured out the cause of all my earaches, […]

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Nothing new….

I dont really have anything to update….things have been mellow. I haven’t really gone anywhere since my last update. Tomorrow I gotta go to the grocery store and try to get all the last minute holiday stuff for thanksgiving. This year i am doing it all myself instead of buying from the grocery store the […]

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Wow o wow 

Alrighty-roo! So last night I left off at the bowling alley…I was going dark so I wanted to try to be social. WHOOPS!! BIG MISTAKE! So Oliver was subbing on one of his best friends teams again (same team he subs for every Monday when he subs) [sub means he is substituting for the regular […]

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Wishful thinking

Ok so it’s been a few days since I have given an actual update on everything because not much has really been going on. So I think one of the last things I posted about was Arial’s* grandma being in the hospital and how excited I was that we were connecting again. Well it was […]

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