My father in law lit a fire in the fireplace upstairs knowing how I’ve been feeling about the house catching on fire. To make matters worse hes burning old paperwork instead of wood so it stinks and is filling the whole house with that smell. Oliver kinda went at yelled at him and told him […]

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Still not managing to walk. I think I’ll start Friday. I also need to start measuring out my food for calorie counting purposes. Got my new meds. Ill take it in the morning and hope for the best. Any one out there take Prozac? What was your experience with it? Reading tonight so I’m off […]

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236 mama bear storytime

Ok so the other day I mentioned how they were trying to kick Ollie out of school….here’s the story. On Saturday I received a letter from the school stating that since he has yet to receive his meningitis vaccine he won’t be allowed to participate in school or remote learning as of Monday. Now I […]

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So I just had a telehealth appointment with my psych. It went really well for the most part. she did switch one of my meds. I was taking welbutrin and it worked great on my depression, but lately my anxiety has been insane. Im talking panic attacks every other day/night. I have this irrational fear […]

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Didn’t walk. Again. I got Ollie’s interim report card, he got all As and Bs! They tried to kick him out of school but mama bear didn’t let that happen will explain soon. Catching up on TIHWB vlogs. I’ll write soon. Until next time

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Didn’t have my fitbit on today, I had it charging and forgot about it so my steps weren’t tracked. I got a lot of steps in while cleaning and vacuuming but didn’t take an actual walk so I know I was below the goal. But Im watching The Craft before bed and the commercials are […]

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No walk today…will attempt tomorrow. Same goes for writing and updating Until next time

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I think I’m going to lower my goal to 5 miles because 8 is pushing it. Then I get down on myself when I dont do it and binge. So starting tomorrow my goal is 5 fitbit miles. I say fitbit miles because my fitbit registers every step i take (because its on my wrist […]

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I again didn’t walk today. My body needs 2 recharge days apparently. Tomorrow , well later today i’ll make a real go of it. Ollie just had a bloody nose wake him out of a dead sleep. That was fun to clean up. Well I’m going back to sleep….hopefully Until next time

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