236 mama bear storytime

Ok so the other day I mentioned how they were trying to kick Ollie out of school….here’s the story.

On Saturday I received a letter from the school stating that since he has yet to receive his meningitis vaccine he won’t be allowed to participate in school or remote learning as of Monday. Now I had just explained to the nurse in an email the week prior that the dr has yet to get the shots in and therefore Ollie couldnt receive it and her reply was thanks for the update. No other correspondence so this letter was a shock. Well its Saturday and I cant do anything until Monday so I have to wait. Monday rolls around and I have to wait until 9am to speak to the dr to find out when she is getting the vaccine in, so I make Ollie do school in the mean time. I really don’t want him falling behind during this whole thing so until they come on remote learning and say get out, he’s going to participate.

He starts doing school but is convinced the teacher is going to kick him out, when she doesn’t he actually cries because he thought he’d be kicked out and get to play video games all day….guess again buddy boy!

Its 9am and I call the dr. Im quick to the point and explain he will be kicked out of school if he doesn’t recieve this shot. She says she got a round of them in since our last discussion about it and she herself tried to reach me several times. I say thats impossible I never received a call. We then discovered that her staff never changed my phone number in the system from over 3 years ago. She then tells me that she won’t recieve another round of them until next month. I finish my call with her and immediately call the nurses office at the school.

Again I make it to the point quickly explaining that the dr can’t get them in until next month and I cant have my son miss that much school. I explain that since he is in remote learning (all virtual l, over the computer, never stepping foot in the school) this whole thing should be a non issue. He can’t get meningitis and pass it on to anyone through a computer screen. The woman who answered agrees and says that the person I need to speak with has stepped out but if I leave my info I will recieve a call back as soon as possible. About a half hour passes and I recieve a call from the same woman she says all I need from the doctor is a tentative date of when they are receiving the vaccine and he can continue in school.

I call the dr back and tell her to give me any date in November, to which she replied mid November, 15th or 16th so I told the school the 20th and that ensures that he can remain in school for remote learning. Hopefully he can get the shot soon and this will all be over.

I didnt walk again today. I just can’t get motivated. Lack of motivation is usually a sign of my depression creeping up but I don’t feel it like I usually do so I’m just going to keep pushing on.

I explained earlier in another post about the med situation and im just hoping my brain doesn’t betray me and go on the fritz with the change. Oliver is working a new job and can’t be with me for the next couple weeks like he would’ve been able to when he was co owner of the hardware store. I have to do my best to remain in control of myself while my body transitions from one medication to the other.

On another note my uncles dog just has her puppies last night….11 of them!! They are all sold already for around $4000+ a puppy depending on its coloring.

11 puppies and mama all resting.

Ophion has been doing great in school even when he has to do a lot of note taking. We just decided to switch from world history to American history. I think American history will be more interesting to him and keep his attention better. (especially when instart introducing the videos and stuff based on the curriculum I’m following.)

Well this is turning into quite the long post so I’m going to end this here.

Until next time


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