I think I’m going to lower my goal to 5 miles because 8 is pushing it. Then I get down on myself when I dont do it and binge. So starting tomorrow my goal is 5 fitbit miles. I say fitbit miles because my fitbit registers every step i take (because its on my wrist all the time.) as opposed to my Samsung health app which only registers steps I take with my phone in my hand/pocket. I usually try to get them as close to eachother as possible so if one is half a mile behind (usually samsung) i push until the smaller number is at the goal will pushes my total actually walked a bit higher…make sense? For example my fitbit says I walked my 5 miles but my Samsung says I only walked 4.5, well ill push a bit further so the 4.5 goes to the goal of 5. Now my actual fitbit total is 5.5

Today I am just shy of 5 miles. Tomorrow is a new day.

Until next time

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