My father in law lit a fire in the fireplace upstairs knowing how I’ve been feeling about the house catching on fire. To make matters worse hes burning old paperwork instead of wood so it stinks and is filling the whole house with that smell. Oliver kinda went at yelled at him and told him to stop burning the smelly paper so my father in law snuck to the door that separates upstairs from down and closed it Thinking that would help…..it helped with the smell but not the fear. So I slept in my chair in the living room just in case…I say slept because I just woke up for a bit, I’m fading fast though so I’ll make the rest of this quick

Went to the bowling alley tonight. Ollie bowled a bit before Olivers league started and even shot 208!!

Olivers works tomorrow so I have to get up early to cook him breakfast.

Ok i can’t go on, too exhausted. This chair is thoroughly uncomfortable to sleep in anymore but here i go.

Until next time

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