Not sure if I said this but We got Opal’s ashes the other day and got her favorite chicken nuggets to commemorate her Today I was upstairs and Oliver came upstairs crying because one of her bags of treats fell over in the kitchen and no one had been anywhere near them. We are taking […]

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137 I got the call…

Today I woke up a little late considering I had a 10am call scheduled with my therapist. I think in woke up 5 minutes til 10. I woke up and went to the bathroom when I came out I noticed a missed call from an unknown number. I called back before checking my voicemail only […]

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Still miserable about the loss of my babygirl but I know it was the right decision. I started doing my virtual walks inside. Me and hubby did a Leslie Sansone walk at home Mile tonight and we are going to try to do them 3-5 times a day. Hopefully this will be the jump start […]

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I’m still miserable being without my babygirl but I’m dealing with it. I guess. We started looking at dogs for adoption just to look but none in the area are what we are looking for. I dont know that I’ll ever find another dog like my Opal baby. She was perfect from the day we […]

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134 the day after….

Last night was the night. We had to put Opal down. She got worse and developed what we believe to be “bloat” and we needed to act quickly. We rushed her to an emergency vet last night and decided it was her time. They took her inside and got the Iv in her. Then we […]

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Still cant believe my babygirl has lymphoma. It’s such a crushing blow to know any day can potentially be her last. I spoke to one of my uncles on my paternal side of the family. Hes some form of vet. I dont know his exact title but he called the pathologist who did her testing. […]

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132 doomsday

It is official. The diagnosis is lymphoma. 3 of the 5 sites tested came back cancerous according to the vet. That’s all for now. To numb to write. Until next time

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Another bloody nose for opal today. And more vomiting after her meds this morning so this afternoon I got a new Rx that will be easier on her stomach and an anti vomiting medication. I only had to pay for the anti vomiting med which was a 40$ blessing. It’s been an hour and a […]

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New symptoms for Opal include incontinence and a bloody nose. She has vomited twice, and still wont eat. Not even her treats which she was still eating up until her return from the vet yesterday. I plan to call the vet tomorrow and see what the options for her are because I cant keep her […]

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Team no sleep is at it tonight. Opal is having a serious issue since we got home from the vet. She has to go to the bathroom but nothing comes out. So now she has the urge and has to go out every half hour…..then she spends a half hour out there trying to go. […]

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