I’m still miserable being without my babygirl but I’m dealing with it. I guess. We started looking at dogs for adoption just to look but none in the area are what we are looking for. I dont know that I’ll ever find another dog like my Opal baby. She was perfect from the day we got her.

On another front, I’ve never felt so close to family as lately. I’ve been face timing with MML almost DAILY since the middle of last month. A lot of the time is spent with me just listening to all the excitement on her end but it still makes me feel included.

States are starting to open up already just when things seem to be getting a little better. Its gonna fuck this whole thing up. More people are gonna die. Our state hasnt made a final decision on the schools reopening and I dont think I’ll send Ollie back this year even if they do reopen. I’m not gonna play Russian roulette with my family.

Today the weather is full of rain and storms. The plain rain brings me down but the storms exhilarate me. So I’m constantly up and down today. It’s kind of exhausting. I’m trying to get stuff down around the house but it’s not going well.

I think I’m going to nap a bit while the dishes soak, never mind the mr just said hes getting hungry so it looks like I’m making lunch.

Until next time.

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