Still cant believe my babygirl has lymphoma. It’s such a crushing blow to know any day can potentially be her last.

I spoke to one of my uncles on my paternal side of the family. Hes some form of vet. I dont know his exact title but he called the pathologist who did her testing. He didnt go to in detail, but its not a good outcome. He said when she stops doing 2 of 3 things it’s time to put her down but he didnt explain the 3 things.

Mentally I’m becoming one exhausted mama. First everything with my father in law, then I’m dealing with hubby’s health and the dogs at the same time. Like my mother in law said if it’s bad luck itll happen to us/our family

I’ve had a headache for a week straight. I cant shake it to save my sanity. Think I’ll head to bed before the dog wakes me up.

Until next time

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