Still miserable about the loss of my babygirl but I know it was the right decision.

I started doing my virtual walks inside. Me and hubby did a Leslie Sansone walk at home Mile tonight and we are going to try to do them 3-5 times a day. Hopefully this will be the jump start to show my doctor I’m serious about wanting to lose weight and she will start the process of my weight loss surgery.

I’ve still been talking to MML everyday. It’s amazing how just sitting on facetime brings me to the family. I dont even talk that much but it’s like I’m there. Granted I still feel like the black sheep and dont talk much so I’m not thought of as a pain in the ass, but I’m there.

I won a raffle on fb yesterday. I was the name drawn and I should hopefully get my prizes in the mail in a few days.

I also heard paper checks for the stimulus have started to go out. I hope I get one. I filled out the nonfilers application and it was approved.

Also in the mail should be my cash app card. I originally signed up thinking I could add money at a physical location like reloadable vanilla visa cards but it doesnt work that way apparently.

Ok it’s getting late I need to get to bed.

Until next time

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