134 the day after….

Last night was the night. We had to put Opal down. She got worse and developed what we believe to be “bloat” and we needed to act quickly.

We rushed her to an emergency vet last night and decided it was her time.

They took her inside and got the Iv in her. Then we decided since only one person could go inside to be with her that we would do it outside so she could enjoy the fresh air and Oliver and I could both be with her. They wheeled her outside and we gave her love and cried and told her all the things we wanted to say. Then the vet gave her the first shot to sedate her. She started snoring and we gave the ok to finish with the remaining shots to finish the procedure.

It was definitely one of the worst things either of us have ever had to do.

Saying our goodbyes.

Until next time

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