Not sure if I said this but We got Opal’s ashes the other day and got her favorite chicken nuggets to commemorate her

Today I was upstairs and Oliver came upstairs crying because one of her bags of treats fell over in the kitchen and no one had been anywhere near them. We are taking it as a “hello”

Oliver has been having some anxiety since quarantine and has discovered an outlet….coloring.

It helps him in the moment but once he stops he still feels like crap. When the quarantine is over hes going to get a referral to go to the health clinic that I go to so he can figure it all out. I think once things open up and hes able to golf he will be better.

Got a date on my stimulus finally….well sort of. I got a date on when it would be mailed so I’m guessing within 7days of that I should have it. I think Oliver already has it spent but I wanna save as much as we can. This quarantine has not been gentle on our nest egg.

Well I believe it’s time for bed.

Until next time.

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