Depression is sneaking in. Hopefully it passes quickly cuz I dont have the energy to deal with it right now. Homeschool is still going well. Waiting on the new books for this year still but they should be here the end of next week. Remote learning starts for ollie soon and im completely not prepared […]

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191 happy birthday to me

Birthday today….it was ok. All I wanted to do was go to hobby lobby and Michael’s. I got to go but had to rush because the Mr was having anxiety. I did however get a new planner. Its not the one I wanted to get which was the leopard print teacher edition but I saw […]

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My birthday is Thursday so today hubby “surprised” me with a little get together with some of the ‘Framily’. I say “surprised” because I accidently knew all about it. He tried to hide it from me by walking in a different room everytime he talked about it or made plans for it but he’s unrealistically […]

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Somethings wrong today. My body is rejecting comfort and replacing it with pain and burning sensations. Especially my feet. Every part of me that is making contact with a surface is in pain. If I sit my butt hurts if I lay on my side then my leg hip ribs and shoulder hurts. I can’t […]

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First week of homeschool in the books. Time to enjoy the weekend. Went to the store today and started filling up the fridge with a few essentials. Since I lost literally everything when the fridge died, I’m starting from scratch and it will be a slow process until I get to the level I had […]

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My new fridge arrived today!! It sucks I have to wait 24 hours for it to reach temperature before I can fill it. Homeschool is going well. We aren’t doing all the subjects everyday that I planned but we are getting a good start. Math is on the back burner this week but will be […]

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Today was day 1 of homeschool for Ophion. We kept it simple with only two assignments today just to ease him back into it. He did well and understood how school would work this year with him doing more independent work. Ollie doesn’t start until Sept. 8th. Hes doing remote learning through the school. There […]

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Ugh. I’m still extremely sad that my mom and cousin Bee aren’t here anymore. It was nice having them here for the week. Her and Oliver clashed a bit more than they usually do. His anxiety and worries got on her nerves a little and she was short with him. I saw him bite his […]

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My father in law has been ill the last couple days with a possible kidney stone. Hopefully it passes quickly and hes back on his feet. Mommy and Bee leave tomorrow. Its Going to be a super emotional day. Just thinking about it makes me want to cry. Until next time

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