My new fridge arrived today!! It sucks I have to wait 24 hours for it to reach temperature before I can fill it.

Homeschool is going well. We aren’t doing all the subjects everyday that I planned but we are getting a good start. Math is on the back burner this week but will be started on Monday.

Ophion has had some trouble sleeping. He went to bed around 11pm last night woke up around 130am and couldn’t go back to bed till 530am, slept off and on till 1130am

Still missing my mom and cousin Bee.

I need to touch base with MML. Its been a week since we talked last and thats just not acceptable.

I got renewal paperwork for all my assistance that needs renewing like insurance and stuff and I’m fully overwhelmed by it and the deadlines.

My father in law is still not feeling well and the pool has fell behind because I keep forgetting to clean it for him. So the leaves turned it a slight green color. We have all the chemicals we need and will be doing it tonight. I haven’t taken the kids in the pool since my mom was here.

Well I’m going to start the pool stuff now since I need 6 or more hours between adding these specific different chemicals.

Until next time

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