First week of homeschool in the books. Time to enjoy the weekend.

Went to the store today and started filling up the fridge with a few essentials. Since I lost literally everything when the fridge died, I’m starting from scratch and it will be a slow process until I get to the level I had it all at. I lost so much meat and stuff from the freezer too but I bought 3 bags of my favorite frozen chicken breast to start the process if replacing it all. Still need to go to Costco to fill the rest.

Tomorrow I’m going to work with Oliver. We are bringing Ollie too so he can put price stickers on everything. So far the new owner is working out great. He seems like a great guy and very laid back like us. Has a pretty rated R sense of humor like we do as well so its a good match all in all.

Well its about time to head to bed so we can get to work early.

Until mext time

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