Today was day 1 of homeschool for Ophion. We kept it simple with only two assignments today just to ease him back into it. He did well and understood how school would work this year with him doing more independent work.

Ollie doesn’t start until Sept. 8th. Hes doing remote learning through the school. There is a zoom meeting online tonight to explain how it will go. Hopefully its as easy as last year was but with more direct instruction instead of going at their own pace.

MML is letting me use her disney plus account so I finally got to watch the greatest showman. It was a cute movie and the songs were emotional. I started watching Hamilton but couldn’t really get into it. I know the story behind it though so I’ll try again another day.

Now its time for Netflix while I relax and try to get this back pain to loosen up a bit. Maybe Jupiter ascending? Haven’t watched that in a while and I’m probably one of the only people who loves that movie. I’m a sucker for movies where the underdog finds love, all starting when I was little with Beauty and the Beast.

Oliver doesn’t want pasta tonight which is one of the only meals i have the ingredients to make right now without a fridge. Ollie wants a milkshake so I think we are going to order some five guys. That especially works for me because I have been on a burger kick like crazy lately.

Well thats about all the updating for now will write again soon.

Until next time.

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