Ugh. I’m still extremely sad that my mom and cousin Bee aren’t here anymore. It was nice having them here for the week. Her and Oliver clashed a bit more than they usually do. His anxiety and worries got on her nerves a little and she was short with him. I saw him bite his tongue an awful lot too.

Cousin Bee was her normal quiet self. And I feel bad that we did nothing the whole week. Bee didn’t leave the house once, we never played any games or anything all we did was go swimming.

My fridge officially died early in the week while they were here, the new one should be delivered on this Thursday. Its been quite the challenge getting by without the fridge and the freezer only keeping things at a chilled temperature. I have to throw out so much stuff from both the fridge and the freezer then try to find the funds to replace both.

Its recertification time for all our medicaid and SNAP benefits and while I’m sure we will recertify its always so nerve wracking until we get the approval. With covid its harder to get appointments for all the paperwork they need filled out. So I’m going to be a nervous wreck for the next month.

Its back to school time. I was going to start Ophion today but I don’t think he will go for it just yet. He’s had no time to mentally prepare himself for school to start back up. Ollie doesn’t start until September 8th so we still have time before I have to dive back in to the world of public school remote learning.

Oliver has a cardiologist appointment today. I’m hoping this doctor can settle his nerves. He’s been very anxious lately and still refuses to take the Xanax he was prescribed. Which I understand to a degree, but as someone who doesn’t understand addiction, I don’t fully grasp the whole thing.

Ok I thinks thats about all the updating I have for today.

Until next time.

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