time for a little honesty…

So, I’ve been MIA for a bit whether you have noticed or not. I’ve not been in a place to communicate, much less write. I’ve slacked with family, all social media outlets and here. repairing the issues with family is just a lost cause as i know any improvements I make wont last long. don’t […]

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cbd oil vs vape

So we had to go get more oil today because i’m almost out but because of how high of a dose I am taking the guy said that vaping would be better. i’m trying to avoid that as i’m worried it will lead me to want to start smoking again even though I quit over […]

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the other day I heard from “Arial” regarding her grandmothers health. its delicate in the sense that she is too frail to undergo the necessary testing for the situation. they believe her lung cancer has returned, and it is now simply a matter of keeping her comfortable. of course without further testing we cant find […]

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