the other day I heard from “Arial” regarding her grandmothers health. its delicate in the sense that she is too frail to undergo the necessary testing for the situation. they believe her lung cancer has returned, and it is now simply a matter of keeping her comfortable. of course without further testing we cant find out how long she may be around. “Arial” has this fear that her grandma wont get to see her walk down the aisle later this year, so I suggested she have a courthouse wedding soon so her grandma can be present, then later in the year have her wedding as scheduled.

today was the nicest day we had in a while weather wise. Oliver went golfing, I relaxed at home. When Ophian got home we took Opal outside to play for a bit and she actually played….for those that don’t know, she is the worlds laziest dog. she sleeps, eats, and gives kisses.

now i’m sitting at the bowling alley snacking on chicken tenders and fries that Ollie couldn’t finish. this will be my dinner. I may have a salad later when I get home but idk. I need to start my diet again i’m pushing my highest weight I believe.

i’m trying to work on a schedule between blogging more and posting more on the facebook group. I’ve filled out 2 weeks worth of posts and each day I set them as scheduled posts its still not enough. Lately i’m struggling to get participation on a lot of posts so I need to work out a few ways to bring up the participation again.

Ollie is being a pest so I am going to play with him for a bit then read…. think i’ll start tomorrow with blogging about a certain topic…any suggestions out there?

until next time.


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