Time for a little honesty part 2

now that I have put the words down about food addiction its making me think of what I have had since last night after I went to sleep. I woke up at some point and had 2 strawberry rolls, went back to sleep, woke up had a few oreos, went back to sleep, woke up had a sugar cookie, went back to sleep and woke up this morning had corned beef hash for breakfast, a little later had a handful or two cheezit snapped, a little later had a brownie, then a little later had chips and salsa, then  a little later had a fudge round….all this over a 12ish hour period at which time I have not been full or wanted to stop I just tell myself if I limit the intake amount at one time to a little of this then later a little of that, that it is somehow better then pigging out on one thing till full. i’m assuming once you start planning how you will snack through the day, that it is time to do something.

I looked into guidelines for weight loss surgery and I believe I qualify I just fear that it will do no good as I eat for so many reasons and I fear even after surgery ill want to snack all day long. I need to research the surgery options and speak to my dr about what would be covered and what wouldn’t by my insurance and stuff and see what she recommends.

I ran into “arial” yesterday and we actually talked for a couple minutes about her grandma. That was the first time I think we spoke face to face in over a year maybe closer to 2years I don’t know. her grandma is not doing well at all and they are scrambling to get things done for her before they lose her. when we talked online the other day she told me things with her and her fiancée are on the rocks and they have even called off the wedding for now. she is home with her parents again for now and even though they are trying to work through their issues they feel forever just isn’t possible with things as is. i hope for her sake they figure it out, she deserves her happily ever after.

i think i’m going to end this here. tomorrow we are going to Pennsylvania for a tournament so i’ll be bringing the laptop. be on the lookout tomorrow or another post.

until next time

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