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Just wanted to add that Today my town reinstated the mask mandate when indoors at public places starting tomorrow until January 31st. This is going to be a shit show because i know many people who do not want to comply. i personally dont see what the big deal is, its added protection but what […]

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Its not even noon and my neuropathy is kicking my ass. It usually waits till around 7pm to start. I just ate so I gotta wait a bit to check my sugar but lately my numbers have been in the green and still my neuropathy is bad. When it first started it was a sign […]

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ugh today has sucked in terms of rest. im so exhausted but cant sleep more than a few minutes at a time before something or someone makes me jump awake. Now I’m doing laundry and went through a bunch of piles of mt laundmore to get the certain clothes i needed to wash. now my […]

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Ok I don’t remember where i left off on the last post i think we were talking about the pulmonology appointment. Now we move on to the holidays. we spent christmas eve with Olivers dad. we ordered food, played our traditional poker games, had dessert. it was a nice evening. Christmas day we went to […]

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today I had my Pulmonologist appointment, and she didn’t blame my weight…yet. she said she wants to do tests to rule other things out before she goes that route. The first things she ordered which needs to be done asap is an ultrasound of my legs to look for PE, which i know they won’t […]

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Tomorrow i have my pulmonology appointment, I’m not looking forward to it as I’m thinking he is going to say it is just my weight. but the issue is I’ve been this weight for a while like over a year and for it to just hit suddenly is odd. as least in my opinion. maybe […]

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depression is quite the bitch. the way it pops out of nowhere with little to no warning is even worse. i cant say im completely surprised this time as i have missed my meds for the last week, but still. tomorrow i have the vet appointment for Nala, thursday i am going to the pulmonologist […]

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life has been a flash of crazy lately. just this week i had to deal with a “lost child” an almost dog attack, and an almost brawl at the bowling alley. lets start with the “lost child” i say it in quotes because he isnt really lost, just alone. he’s maybe 7 years old now, […]

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Went to dinner tonight with our friends that are up from Florida. the food was awful and the service wasnt much better. they had one guy acting as both the waiter and the bus boy for the entire restaurant. every time we needed him it was a 20 minute wait, we went at 430 didnt […]

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i dont have much to update on. everything is the same as yesterday. i havent reached out to my mom yet. i just havent thought to do it and when i do its usually too late or i know shes working. i havent heard from princess so i need to reach out to her as […]

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